This is the 1.JmA collection of articles . It is an ongoing project, and we hope, in time, to have a good collection of original work.

If you have some work you want to share or you have comments on this endeavour, please mail us here. Any kind of original work is appriciated, as long as it's done properly :) So, if you have a hobby project or something on the harddisk that you've been working on, this is your chance to get it out to the world.

The articles are organized as the Forum. Currently we only have articles in a few sections, but we hope to be able to expand it later.

updated 13 of December with an article: The Guns of Fredericia and the 30 of December with Desperate projects of the Luftwaffe and on the 3 of January with Minor navies of the Interwar period and on the 10 of February with Sovjet military aid to China and on the 8 of April with Tanks down under and on the 17 of June with Ukrainian OOB of 1919 and on the 18 of June with Frenchmen in the sovjet armed forces and on the 20 of June with the GB1 glide bomb and on 4 of July with a work on Ukranian flak gunners and on 8 of July with the impressive The Ground Forces of the Imperial Japanese Army in the Second World War and on the 12 of July with Early German guided weapon systems


Updated with the large My war file, that is a 100% MUST read! Get your printers ready! Also updated with a short analysis of the Vietnam war

An article on the use of the M 50 Ontos is ready

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