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Stories by Walt:

I'm Gettin' Better All The Time
Waltie goes shooting off a huge gun.. with a little extra special efects!
Dinner with the Baron
Waltie goes to Scotland, a great article by 1JMA's own Walt!
At Least It's Not Another Woman...
Waltie and the wonderful world of computer games. YET another grand piece by our own Walt!
Tales Of Merrie England - Part One
Waltie goes to England.
Tales Of Merrie England - Part Two
Further adventures in England by Walt!
Following Bahamian Rules Can Be Hard
Waltie fights it out with Lobzilla and almost buys it himself!
St. Augustine Ain't That Bad
More travelling with Waltie and the fab PC
Toward A Svelte Waltie
Waltie goes on a Diet... and that's not easy
This is CNN
Diving adventures with Waltie
That time is comming again
Time to go hunting, with Walt
A Steamy Interlude In Amsterdam
Walt, the PC, Amsterdam, and a sauna. What can possibly go wrong ?? :)
Stories by others
A trip to Corfu

A article about travelling to Corfu..and how to get girls to watch military stuff :) By 1JMA's own Ste

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