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My war
Simply a incredible piece history. A impressive and large file containing the history of one GI's journey trough world war 2. Gary (Gmann on the forum) have been kind enough to let us use this amazing file!
The Japanese army in WW2
A extremly large and impressive work by Justinian.
Ukranian flak gunners in German service
A look at a rather less known batch of volunteers for Germany during the last years of the war, by 1JMA'er Skorzeny
German guided Air to ground weapons
A look at the Fritz X bomb and Hs 293 missile systems of WW2, by cofounder Friis
The GB 1 Glide bomb
A look at this primitive glider bomb used in WW2 by 1JMA cofounder Friis
Frenchmen in the Red Army 1942-45
Yet another look at a relativly unknown part of the world war, by 1JMA'er Skorzeny
Sovjet Military aid to China 1937-39
A look at a relativly unknown part of the world war, by 1JMA'er Skorzeny
Too Little, way too late- desperate projects of the Luftwaffe
A look on 3 fighter projects by Friis
Decision in Normandy.
A really good review by Khan of Carlo D'Este highly recomended work
Artillery at Leningrad
A look at the perhaps too overlooked part of the huge drama on the eastern front, by Skorzeny
Russian airborne troops
A collection of material by Skorzeny
Luftwaffe experten (updated 12/6 2004)
A critical look at the claimed kills and the actual losses called in by german fighter pilots in WW2
The British Empire at war
A look on the entire british empire in WW2, by Jeffro
Italian Army in WWII
Huge and impressive work covering most aspects of the ground forces of Italy.
Total War
Japan and the total war in WW2
Compass- a fictional battle
A "What if" scenario in the desert 1941
The Bear Swallows the Eagle:
The Failure of Soviet/Polish Diplomacy and the Fate of the Warsaw Uprising
Amazing article by oi_katacpofa
Lend lease trucks in Russian serice
A good data-table by 1JMA member Alex H
Russian wartime production
Another good data table by 1JMA member Alex H
The Battle of Crete: Maleme 61 years on.
A short article by 1JMA member Ste.
The Jewish Experience during World War two and the Ukrainian Famine.
A in dept article from 1JMA member Oi_katacpofa.
Fall of France 1940 :
Strategic and Tactical Blunder
A overwiev article by 1JMA member Khan.
Vodka in the Red army
Alcohol and the Front, by 1JMA member Skorzeny
NKVD troops in the frontline
A long and interesting article by 1JMA member Skorzeny
Obscure NKVD units (new)

Part 2 of the NKVD article, focusing on special NKVD units in action on the eastern front.

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