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a gallery of Penguiners

Finally! This is artistic home of the Penguiners! Grosbøl made the first drawings of the proud bird back at TOBB and has expanded the collection ever since, finally adding the nasty Moroners.

Now since the Penguiner thing is the overriding theme of this website, we thought these pictures should have a proper home here and this is it.

Fuch has made his own rendition of the 1.JmA Penguiners in action and they are presented here as well.

Press the small pictures to see the larger ones, have fun, and if you feel like it, send in your own stuff. If you want to have any of these as desktop backgrounds send a mail to and include the required size, then we´ll whip something up.


Penguiners by Grosbøl
The original SturmPenguiner! Still Grosbøl´s favourite. (65k)
The GuardPenguiner - Stands Guard over Truth (38k)
The MarinePenguiner - Raising the flag at Iwo Moron (69k)
The KnightPenguiner - On a Crusade for Truth (58k)
The SASPenguiner - Always ready to assault places where the Truth is being held hostage (53k)
The Penguiner Sturmabzeichen - Awarded to Penguiners who has perticipated in three assaults on derMoroner positions (75k)
The Penguiner Kreuz Erster Klasse (PK1) - Awarded for bravery in battle against derMoroners (156k)

The Regroup picture - For a while the rallying point of the Penguiners in cyberspace, animated GIF (380k)


"All of ´em" (117k)
"Penguiner Halftracks" (197k)

"Penguiner Tiger crew" (180k)

"Penguiner Fuch " (37k)
Moroner (Moroner Vulgaris) - the common form of this dreaded beast
A Penguiner co-owner Friis son..and a few birds. The beautiful Holliday penguin is a present from Markie