The Penguiner galleries

Here you will find pictures and drawings of all the different stuff we happen to find interesting. It started off just as a few drawings of penguins, but it's slowly expanding with more military stuff


The penguin pages.. briliant drawings of the beautiful birds of truth!

All the originals

Mixed hardware shots


Whitbread hop farm Tank pictures 2003

Markies briliant pictures, specially of the Jagdpanther used in Band of Brothers

Varius hardware pictures... still updated
Mixed batch of photos by Chanman
Planes and ground stuff from down under
Mixed batch of photos by Jeffro, including some rare flying Aussie warbirds and a Bren Carrier conversion
Swedish Seapower
Friises pictures of the Swedish Småland Destroyer
The Danish Garnisons Museum Part 1- The Bikes
Mixed batch of photos by Friis, here of MC's used in the Danish Army
The Danish Garnitions Museum part 2- more hardware
Cars, AA and AT guns and a few Panzerturrets
The Danish Garnitions Museum part 3- the guns
Lots and lots of ..guns!
The Danish Garnitions Museum part 4- the bigger guns
Mortars and madsen autoguns
The Danish Garnitions Museum part 5- armour and heavy guns
From leopard 1 tanks to counter battery radars
Planes and heli's
Mixed modern hardware
Some Great shots by Chanman of F 15, F18, A10 and S3's
B 17 gallery
Some Great shots by Chanman!
F 117 Stealth Fighter Gallery
More great shots by Chanman!
B 25 Gallery
Even more great shots by Chanman
Saab T 17 basic trainer
Some shots by Friis

Tanks and armour

Cuban and swedish Armour

Mixed tank pictures from Cuba and sweden, including Castro's SP gun from the Bay of Pigs!

Tank pictures.

Mixed tank pictures.

Centaur IV Tank

Great Pictures and information about this British tank, taken by 1JMA'er CBO

Oxbøll Tank Museum

Pictures from the Danish outdoor Armour museum

Tanks from down under

Mixed tank pictures from Jeffro.. Some real gems to be found here!

War and Peace show 2006

Markies GREAT pics from the 2006 show, including rarities like a Jagdpanther!